Posted: June 6, 2012

Mindful eating. Does this sound like you, or do you rush through a meal, and end up bloated, and not really satisfied? Natural Weight loss can be yours if you slow down, and enjoy what a great meal has to offer. First, mindfully pick your meals. That means picking pretty colors, fresh, nutrient dense foods. Foods that will enhance your energy level, and help you to achieve the physique you long for. Do you really take your time when you eat, or do you wait so long, that you are famished, and just grab anything?  Unfortunately, that is how so many of us eat. On the run, whatever everyone else is ordering, and then how do you feel after? Pretty rotten right? So, if you could go back to my other posts, plan your grocery list, plan your meals, then enjoy them, doesn’t that sound better? Think of the last time you looked at your plate, and exclaimed how pretty the colors were. Or, when was the last time you looked in your fridge, and everything in there was a healthy option?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Mark Hyman are at the top of my “following” lists. Put them on yours too. They have published top best selling books, and have lectured around the world on how to lose weight by eating nutrient rich foods. They do not ever talk about a diet. If the word diet is used, it is only to describe what you should be eating to fight off disease, and obesity.

By adding nutrient dense foods, and slowly, mindfully, savoring every bite, you will begin to eat less. Studies have been done in Nutrition Centers that showed that the average person will eat 300 calories less in one day, if they sit down, and plan to enjoy every bite. Seems pretty easy. Sit down. Slowly savor, chew, and enjoy every bite. Now if fat loss is this easy, don’t you want to try it?

Enjoy life. Enjoy the beautiful, colorful, foods of the season. Pick organic, and filling, fruits, and vegetables. Experiment with grilling, seasoning, and savoring. Look forward to this addition to your plan for your new body. The healthy, fit, strong one you are building today.

Stay tuned for more ways to be the strongest and leanest this Summer!


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