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Posted: April 4, 2020

Anyone can spout or post health information. However, how many of those people actually have experience in the field?

I’m not even talking about a medical degree or job in medicine. We all know doctors that have not listened to us. And, not given us advice on how to deal with health issues. Most of them give us a few seconds…then prescribe a medication.

Most of us want to feel better and know someone cares.

What most of us want are answers. Answers to questions about food and how to have more energy. We have questions about weight gain and dieting. Not to mention how to prevent diseases and live longer. It’s hard to find the most informative health information with so many places to look!

I’ve been in the field of wellness for 25 years. As a gym owner, nutrition coach, and person that has coached women only…I’m considered an expert by many.

As a person that’s done guest speaking engagements for wellness events, and interviews for doctors…my opinion has been asked for by many.

Why am I an expert? First, I am an energized and fit, lean and motivated hypothyroid sufferer. Forget the suffering part, I don’t. My tools and tips for aging with strength are asked for often.

Each week, you’ll get my personal tips, tools, recipes, exercises and ideas about how to live long and strong. Living long and strong, free from disease in a body you love for life is my motto!

Forget Dr. Google. Get your tips from someone that’s changed many lives and given tools that you’ll need in life to feel, move and look great starting today!

“Coach Dawn”

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