How Muscles Affect Weight Loss

Posted: January 31, 2017

Muscles are hot. Not just the big, burly and bulky ones either. I am talking about lean, tight and firm muscles that come from usually a youthful body. I am going to shed some light for the ladies, on how muscles affect weight loss, so that you can get off of the dieting rollercoaster and re-shape a sexy tight body.

I used to be a cardio maniac. I slogged away for hours in aerobic classes, and on a treadmill. I ate diet foods and kept having to buy larger clothes. Although I was small framed and only 5 foot tall…the little weight I gained, showed up easily.

Most women I know and write for, want to lose at least 25 pounds. The cut calories and meals, drink diet sodas and do some form of cardiovascular exercise. I use the line often that “you have to change your mind before you can change your body” so that they at least “hear” how the body works in relation to how muscles affect weight loss.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue. It burns calories when it is doing nothing. Fat on the other hand is useless, unhealthy AND looks bad.

Firm and flat waistlines, lean and sculpted arms and perky round buns are a sign of either youth, OR, someone that knows how to workout. Not just cardio, but exercise that sculpts away flabby midsections and rids you of the excess sitting on your back, arms and legs.

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