Naturally Boosting Your Immune System

Posted: March 9, 2020

Naturally Boosting your Immune System has never been more important. As we turn on the news daily, we live in fear and panic.

I want to be sure that I keep my followers armed with tools and tips. Actionable steps that prevent and prepare your body for a crisis.

We plan for retirement and prepare for a vacation. Yet, we make excuses for being too busy to eat healthily or to exercise. Our sleep quality is terrible and we are overly stressed.

Stress puts our bodies in a constant state of exhaustion and taxes our systems causing us fatigue. Our cortisol levels are high and we are unable to ward off invaders.

Today I did a Facebook Live Event on the Healing Through Movement Page on “Boosting Your Immunity.” Please go to this page, “like” it and scroll down to my 5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity Facebook Live Event.

Watch this Facebook event, take notes and share with loved ones.

I have spent years coaching clients in the gym that I own to eat for energy to ward off disease. And, to exercise to create a body that takes you through life with vitality.

You can make a plan to get stronger and take action on your health. Or, you can watch it pass you by as you get older, more frail and fear aging.

Today we live in fear of the Corona Virus. We have reason to be afraid but not to be paralyzed. Of course, if you already have a compromised immune system, Cancer, a respiratory condition, or are over 65…you should take more precautions.

Naturally Boosting your Immune System starts with your nutrition.

*Make sure you are eating foods that are high in vitamin C and antioxidants are the key.

*The best foods you can eat are: Blueberries, Citrus fruits, spinach, peppers, and drinking organic cold-pressed juices are great sources.

*When you cook, some of the best flavors with immune-supporting benefits are onions, garlic, and turmeric. These also help with inflammation and contain properties that are shown to kill viruses.

*Most of us are deficient in sunlight and Vitamin D. Be sure to spend tie in the sunshine. You can also supplement with Vitamin D and Zinc.

*7 hours of deep sleep is essential. Deep sleep revives, retsores and rebuilds your cells and assists every function in your body.

Sleep in a cool room of about 65-68 degrees is said to be most beneficial. Keep your room a sleep sanctuary that is comfortable and calming.

*Practice stress reduction with walks in nature, yoga, deep breathing and massage.

It’s up to you to keep your body strong. Every one of these tips will keep your body stronger and give you the ability to ward off illness.

Last but not least, proper hand washing is critical.

Wash your hands with warm to hot water for 30 seconds, with the suds under your nails and up to your elbows.

You must practice and become aware of not touching your face and mouth, and simply stop shaking hands. I’ll bet people with thank you!

Prepare your body for lifelong health and wellness starting today. These tips are simple tools that will build a stronger foundation to ward off illness.

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These are all you need to love the body you live in, at every age for years to come!

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