Nerve Pain and Neuropathy

Posted: July 21, 2020

Nerve Pain and Neuropathy, is a type of inflammation. Inflammation of the nerves is some of the most debilitating pain you can feel.

Unfortunately, most medications have horrible side effects, or simply don’t work.

Our Standard American Diets are loaded with foods that our bodies don’t recognize. We are loaded with toxins that cause chronic conditions.

Pain is a result of our body not being able to “free up” the pathways so our brains, nerves and bodies can heal.

Toxins are what prevent our bodies from being able to rid themselves of chronic pain, and debilitating symptoms.

Neuropathy can affect people that have other underlying conditions that most doctors do not address.

Conventional medication can sometimes not only NOT work…but bring on other worse sypmtoms.

Thankfully, there is a “miracle plant” that is naturally derived from Malaysia. This natural root is something that has been used with success to treat and reduce Nerve Pain and Neuropathy.


Most people over 50 take some form of pain reducing medication regularly. Pain meds can cause stomach issues, constipation and cause you to lose your balance. Loss of balance can result in an even worse issue and send you or a loved one down a horrible path.

As we age, we have underlying conditions that can be treated with diet, exercise, and supplements.

Unfortunately, most medical doctors give you a pill that may make things worse because there is a lot of money for them in it.

I urge you to be smart and make choices based on nature, and how to heal the body with plants.

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