Non-Toxic Hand Soap that Kills Germs

Posted: May 29, 2020

Are you so tired of your hands being raw from washing them so many times? Me too! This non-toxic hand soap that kills germs, AND…is made with aloe!

Ellen Degeneres, The President, and a few other “famous” people are featured in the video below speaking about hand washing. There’s some funny clips and some not so funny.
However, I could jump for joy about what I have discovered and I am excited to share it with you!

My Green Fills, is the first non-toxic, chemical-free, REFILLABLE, hand soap that is a Michigan Based company.

That excites me because I am from Michigan. Traverse City Michigan is a beautiful city on Lake Michigan surrounded by water, trees and nature. It is one of my favorite places to travel to.

When I think of natural and pure…I think of Northern Michigan because it’s beautiful, and…it’s my “happy healthy place”

One of the worst things about washing your hands so often is that it’s horrible for your skin. Furthermore, when you have cracked skin…it’s easier for germs to get into your system.

Aloe is a beautifying product that heals, and it is the base of this unscented soap

I was so excited when I heard about MyGreenFills non-toxic hand soap that kills germs, and is Earth friendly, I had to try it.

Never again will I throw another plastic bottle into a landfill. Not only that, never again will I wash my hands daily with something that makes my skin hurt! Aged hands make you look old, and harsh soaps have unnecessary ingredients that you simply don’t need!

This hand soap is 100% non toxic, and kills 100% of the germs it comes into contact with.

My Green Fills cares about YOU, cares about your family…and cares about the planet.

It’s up to us to be sure we are healthy and live in bodies that take us happily through life. Even if we face dirt, disease, germs and toxins…we can still control what we put onto and into our bodies.

Be proud that you care about Mother Earth. Teach your kids that it’s great to recycle, but even better to not have to do it when there are better options.


And, if you act quick enough…they are giving some away for FREE!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love while protecting those and what we love!


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