Obesity’s Hidden Causes

Posted: May 31, 2017

Obesity. Have you stepped on a scale lately? Most likely if you are a woman over 35….you weigh yourself every day. What you don’t know when you weigh yourself, is that obesity’s hidden causes are lurking in your life. In your kitchen. In your workouts, and in your hormones.

However…the great news is that YOU have the ability to change. Obesity’s hidden causes are things that we practice daily… Not things that just “happen.” This makes them something that mystifies many, but the secret is know by a few.

Do you know if:

Your thyroid is functioning properly?

Your hormones are working like they should?

Your weight gain is “your fault”?

Or, if you have toxins in your home that contribute to weight gain?

Certain foods zap you of energy, while others give you the drive and motivation to take on life!

It isn’t always that you are too old, or have bad genes! We are smarter than that now and I have coached thousands of women into fit bodies and vital futures!

We used to think it was a calorie counting thing. Now we are aware that a synergy of factors plays into whether we will burn through calories for energy…or store them as fat.

I have seen women rapidly drop weight by cutting out sugar, and adding in weight lifting. No starvation…no diet or low cal foods. But a meal plan that energizes the body from the inside out, with a strength training program that keeps the metabolic rate raised and the body lean and sculpted.

If you think you are too tired for exercise, and sick of all named diets and counting calories…Check out what the women in my gym use to turn back the clock while feeling great and looking even better.

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