Oopsie Bread Recipe Low Carb Alternative

Posted: August 18, 2016

Oppsie Bread? This Oppsie Bread Recipe -Low Carb Alternative  was something I just stumbled upon while looking up low carb alternatives for bread.Pretty funny name for a bread recipe for low carb, gluten free bread that can even be used for diabetics. This is great for you if you are  striving to stick to plan that cuts carbs and sugar so that you can lose weight.

I have tried to ditch bread at all costs lately, unless it is Ezekiel bread. I have a thyroid disorder and have adapted to a low carb but higher healthy fat diet and feel energized and great. However, since I don’t eat the bun with burgers, don’t eat sandwiches any more (I make sandwich wraps with lettuce) and sometimes miss a bit of bread…this oopsie bread recipe- low carb alternative seems like a good option! Plus, who does’t like cream cheese?!

In this simple video, you get the recipe and the “how to” for something that can be whipped up quickly, cuts carbs, calories and (hopefully not taste by the funny line in the video) AND, gets you to your weight loss goals quickly.


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