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Posted: December 22, 2013

Healthy wishes to you from me,
This is just a note on a very personal level to you from me. I was very fortunate to have been raised in a household where health was a main concern. Healthy eating, no smoking, alcohol on occasion and parents that lived life with a sense of adventure. This to me, means wealth! We all know that if you have your health, you have EVERYTHING!  I have parents that exercise and live life with zest and they are well into their 70’s. My mother is peaceful, healthy, outgoing and active. My father is strong, very fit, and has overcome many injuries. Injuries from living a very adventurous active life. He still goes downhill skiing every year! Of course at their ages they have aches and pains, tired spells and fight off colds. My parents eat very healthy, have never smoked, get regular check ups, and follow a supplement guideline that they get from me. They know that strength, and proper nutrition is the way to an energized, disease free future, and they practice these things daily! They have never followed fad diets, are willing to learn about the body, and try to prevent illness and disease. They go to wellness practitioners that are open to alternative healing methods and they get regular check ups with a primary doctor as well. (Unfortunately my dad does not follow my advice to rest more. He stays up late and gets up early, oh well……still working on that one!) By looking at them, and hearing about how they live, you can see why they are so youthful and attractive. People love to be around my parents and they have a very large circle of friends.  Yes, I am lucky to have been raised with this “foundation”.
 Because I was lucky enough to have been raised like this, I am crazy passionate about perpetuating this lifestyle. I want to share with others how to attain what my parents have. Sure, some gene pools are different than mine. We are smart enough now to be able to put into action a lifestyle that just might trick our gene pool if it is not one of the better ones. We can take control of our lives with sound nutrition and strength training. We can learn and put into action what our bodies crave to be strong.
I have devoted every bit of my free time to learning about how to stay strong, and live to be at least 100 years old! I follow blogs from the top fitness guru’s in the industry, and am a member of many natural healing websites, and organizations. I have been personally interviewed by LiveFitter.com, and was recently asked to be a regular contributing author on their site. Their business is geared towards motivating others into a lifestyle of fitness and health. 
I believe in preventing first, then treating last. I do not want myself, my family, my friends, or anyone for that matter to live with disease, or injury! Most diseases have been proven by countless studies, to be preventable with proper nutrition. I yearn to learn as much as possible about how our bodies work, and why sometimes they do not. I want to share my knowledge with you. 
I am committed to finding out as much information for myself, my family, and YOU, my readers, as I possibly can,so that we all can live a long, active life, and enjoy what we were meant to have! OPTIMAL HEALTH!!
Just letting you know, I really do care. Each one of you, and your health, is a reflection to me of whether or not I can make a difference in your lives. 
I hope I can. I promise to try.
 Wishing you the best, the strongest, and the longest life imaginable!
Happy healthy holiday wishes to you, from me!
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