Paleo Nutrient Dense Diet

Posted: March 6, 2017

One of the best things I love about going Paleo is its focus on eating “nutrient dense” foods. That’s what plan that wants the results of weight loss, clear thinking, balanced hormones and energy needs…a Paleo Nutrient Dense Diet.

It has changed my life. And my health, and it is the plan that we use in our gym that has men and women dropping pounds and inches and exploding with energy!

I’m leaner. My mind is clearer. I don’t seem suffer from the aches and pains I hear others struggle with, especially after a work out.

Since I’ve started following the Paleo Nutrient Dense Diet, I’m always looking for ways to pack in even more nutrition into what I’m eating and drinking.

#1, Salads are a mainstay for me now. I truly feel it when I don’t include a salad in my meal.

#2, When I’m not eating salads, I’m either steaming my vegetables or I’m whipping up a batch of soup.

My Favorite? Hippocrates soup.

#3, I juice regularly.

At least once, maybe twice a day, I fire up the Blender and make me a glass of nutrient-rich juice.

My favorite? Carrot and apple.

#4, I supplement with Organifi. What’s Organifi?

Wow, if you really want to make sure you pack as much nutrition into your day, try a glass of Organifi. Especially if juicing is a chore for you–it’s like the next best thing.

Organifi is the brainchild of Drew Canole, who’s a juicing zealot. He has over 1.6 million fans on FB. He discovered that his tribe, while they love juicing, they don’t like how much time it takes or the messy cleanup.

So Drew invented an incredible solution. Some say it’s better than juicing.

Organifi’s made up of 11 DIFFERENT SUPERFOODS from around the world. I guarantee you WILL feel the difference.

The best part? It’s been voted the #1 Best Tasting Green Drink.

–> You can check out Drew’s Organifi video here to find out more

Your coach and friend in all things wellness and fitness,


PS: My Organifi Secret:

Here’s what I do for an extra nutrient “kick”–I’ll put of scoop of Organifi in my Vega One protein powder smoothie for a before or after workout smoothie so that my body is prepared for the workout, or recovers from one! (forget those premade mixes of chemicals that give you the jitters and harm your body in the long run)

You owe to yourself to try it.

–> Watch Drew’s Organifi video here:

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