Plant Protein for Longevity

Posted: August 16, 2016

Plant protein is one of the best ways you can increase your resistance to disease while preserving lean muscle tissue. Although most people get their protein from animals, there are studies to show that plants are more beneficial. Since most of us eat conventional meat, chicken and fish that is loaded with hormones, chemicals and antibiotics, we are constantly being attacked by invaders that our body does not recognize.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has been studying and applying food as medicine with astonishing results. As a cardiologist that used to prescribe medication and a changed diet, he found that numerous patients were losing weight, lowering cholesterol and feeling revitalized when adding more plants to their diet.

Eating plant protein and limiting animal protein has so many published studies, that there are too many to ignore. I eat a variety of protein sources.

  1. Pasture raised eggs, and chicken.
  2. Grass fed beef.
  3. Wild caught fish.
  4. Organic, grass fed, gluten free, Non GMO whey based protein powder.
  5. Plant Based Vegan, Non GMO, Sun Warrior Protein Powder in Vanilla.
  6. AND….tons of vegetables. (I even put them in my smoothies!)

For an article that will change how you look at how you eat to live longer and stronger, and how to incorporate plant protein into your daily life….CLICK HERE FOR DR. FUHRMAN’S ARTICLE.

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