Post Workout Protein Shake for Power and Recovery

Posted: March 20, 2019

All weight lifters and those serious about muscle have one thing in common. They drink a post workout protein shake for power and recovery!

As a gym owner and nutrition consultant, I know that one of the missing links in strength gains is protein. I also know that for those that want to stay lean, but drop bodyfat, that protein shakes are helpful.

Drinking a post workout protein shake within 30 minutes of a workout will facilitate healing and muscle growth. Not all protein powders are equal. What you want is one free of chemicals and fillers. One that is grass fed and low carb. And, one that comes from a reputable company. CLICK HERE FOR FREE SHIPPING AND A GREAT TASTING CHOICE!

If you want to lose weight, and keep muscle, it’s imperative that you don’t follow the old-school method of cutting too many calories. Most women are at risk for being too low in this nutrient! You may lose weight on the scale, but it will be from water and muscle. Now, on the other hand, if you take in about 30 grams of protein with each meal daily, AND drink a protein shake after each workout…you’ll see a shrink-wrapped body that’s firm and tight.

Too many diets are focused on cutting out entire food groups. That won’t last, and you can be ahead of the game by saying “I don’t follow a diet with a name, because it doesn’t have MY name on it!”

Eat for what you’ll be doing next, and support muscle gains and fat loss with BioTrusts pure protein powder so that you can walk around this Summer with a youthful and sexy firm body!

Make this the season that you take control of your body, and commit to be fit! With trends that don’t last, there’s one thing that will never change…and that’s that your body needs protein for every cell! And BioTrust shakes are the best way to get you into shape starting today!

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