Preventing Age Related Weight Gain

Posted: August 26, 2016

Preventing age related weight gain after 40 seems to be on everyone’s “to do” list..

Excess Body fat after 40


It seems that once we hit 40, we have tried diets, trends, fads and cleanses and ended up miserable, flabbier and frustrated. I used to be overweight before I even hit 35! I thought that what I was doing was the key to preventing age related weight gain. However, All it did was make me look and feel horrible, exhausted and nearly ruined my adrenal glands.

I discovered a way to finally take control. That is when I decided to become a coach for women only. I ended up losing the weight, eating REAL foods, and cutting back on my exercise so that my body finally worked like it should. I stopped the mindless cardio. I stopped counting calories, and eating diet foods that tricked me before into thinking they were the key to weight loss and I got smart.

Now, I own a gym, coach women into lives of less stress, less bodyfat, more energy AND happiness. I understand how important it is for us women to not only feel good, and energized but to feel like we haven’t lost what we once had.

Age related weight gain is NOT inevitable. However, if you feel that you have lost control, and want a do-able plan that lets you take back control of your hormones, your body AND your life….CLICK HERE and discover how I helped thousands of women look and feel, energized while slimming down to smaller sizes, smaller waistlines, and bigger smiles!

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p.s. I urge you to stop looking to the celebrities and latest fads when it comes to weight loss after 40. You want something that is geared toward women…not 20 somethings! Enter your e-mail at the top of this page and get access to the cutting edge tips, (not fads or trends) that I share weekly that has changed women’s lives!



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