Preventing Heart Disease with Dr. Aseem Mulhotra

Posted: October 11, 2016

Heart Disease is a topic that has been around for decades. Up until recently, we thought we knew how to ward off dying from a heart attack with low fat diets, eating less, cardio for exercise and drugs. We were wrong. In this summit with one of my favorite Doctors, Dr. Mark Hyman, you will learn the latest discoveries on preventing heart disease with Dr. Aseem Mulhotra.

With the waistlines of everyone increasing and the belly (or visceral fat) that surrounds the organs expanding to epidemic proportions…we are in big trouble. We are fatter, sicker and on more medication than ever before.

It is possible to take control of your health, your life and your ability to live an active life.

Listen in on this interview and discover what we know now and why medications are not the answer.


Besides a nutrient dense diet, an exercise program that doesn’t tax the heart too much , but builds overall strength, and muscle is how you will live a long and strong life with a flatter belly, and better posture.

Preventing heart disease is twofold. Better food choices, and more lean muscle tissue that keeps your midsection pulled in tight. Forget hours of weight lifting in a busy gym, use specific movement patterns that not only keep your heart rate up, but ward off the  aging process.

Even if everyone in your family is overweight, AND has a predispostion to heart disease…YOU CAN TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH.

click here for a follow along workout program so that you can flatten your belly and raise your metabolic rate!



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