Protein powder and hidden toxins

Posted: March 25, 2018

As a gym owner and weight lifter, I know the importance of eating the right kind and amount of protein, I love real food, and completely understand that it isn’t always realistic to eat as much protein as we need to repair and rebuild our muscles. That is why for years, I have recommended protein powder supplements. I was shocked when I heard that some favorite brands that I have used are loaded with toxins. Check out this article and see protein powders hidden toxins…and switch brands when you must drink a shake!


This list of some of the top brands of protein powders will shock you! I am super happy to find that my all time favorite (BioChem) is on the “good list” and very sorry to see that the plant based┬áprotein powder that my husband loves, is on the horrible list.

Consumer reports will always be a great source of information since they aren’t selling something. Actually, any source of science based, or third party tested sources will always be the best sources if you are not sure of what to purchase.


It is now more important than ever that we KNOW what we are putting into our bodies. Disease is on the rise and obesity related issues are dominating our world. Just look around you. How many of the people you see are lean and strong…vital and healthy? Are you? What are you doing to promote longevity and wellness in your daily life?

Today is a great day to look in your cupboards and throw away things that will cause you harm. Today is the day to commit to your health and wellness, starting with diet and exercise.

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