Posted: December 17, 2012

The best calorie burning workouts are not the longest ones. Most people think that you have to spend hours in the gym to achieve a killer body. Not true! The workouts that burn the most calories are the ones that will KEEP burning calories even after the workout is done. There are two types of workouts like that. Cardio workouts involving sprints, or HIIT. High intensity intervals or, workouts that involve circuit training with bodyweight and weighted objects like free weights, kettlebells, and sandbags.

The quick work out that involves calorie burn that lasts for up to 48 hours is what the main objective is. EPOC is the term that means Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption. Which simply put into layman’s terms, means that even when you are done working out, your entire system needs more oxygen to keep going, which means more calories burned. This has been show to be only true of interval training with cardio as in sprints, or in bootcamp style, or crossfit style workouts. There are short, extreme bursts of speed as in sprinting lasting approximately 20-30 seconds, followed by a moderate run, for a minute, followed by a sprint, repeating sequence about 8 times. This type of workout involves your muscles, and the cardiovascular system. Creating the most bang for the buck! Cardio like this only lasts around 20 minutes. If you can do this workout for longer, you are not working out hard enough during the sprint, or are taking too much time in the “moderate” phase. Try this type of workout either on a treadmill, or outside for the best benefits.

To do the circuit in a gym, or at home, see previous posts for exact workouts. The object is to set up stations of about 8 exercises. Go from upper body to lower body, for 8 exercises in a row, with no rest. Do approximately 10 reps if using weights, and about 15 reps if using bodyweight. The pace should be quick, and your heart rate should be flying at the end of the sequence. Rest for about 1-minute, then repeat sequence. This should be done about 4-5 times. As you get stronger and have a higher capacity and endurance, add more exercises, or less time in the rest phase. This type of workout builds muscle AND burns fat from calories. My personal favorite!

Each of these workouts if done correctly will last no longer than 30 minutes from a light warm up, to a bit of a cool down at the end. Why spend hours in the gym every time? Do this workout about 2 times weekly. Still plan on getting stronger with the “old school” strength moves like squats, deadlifts, and upper body pushing and pulling movements like rows, and push ups. Incorporate changes regularly to your workout plan to keep your body challenged. Never be bored again! See your body make changes sooner than ever with a plan like this.

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