Reduce toxic chemicals in Tap Water with AquaTru

Posted: March 21, 2017

Chemicals are everywhere from our soil, to our air, to our water. With cancerous toxins found in foods, makeup and plastics, one thing every healthy person on this planet needs to do is have clean and pure drinking water. You can reduce toxic chemicals in tap water with AquaTru, and be sure that you are doing the best possible thing for your health.

With a patent pending reverse osmosis, chemicals that cause disease, and pollute our bodies is gone.

With a system SO powerful, that it can turn Diet Coke into pure drinking water.…you’ll have to see the video to believe!

Even if you eat right, and exercise, the right hydration from pure water is a key in longevity and cell life.

My husband is a Firefighter/Paramedic. One of the things that he comments on regularly is how nearly every person that gets in the ambulance, irregardless of what for…is in a state of dehydration.

Dehydration causes toxic buildup internally. Headaches, muscle spasms and dry skin. It makes you feel tired when it it’s missing, and you might feel foggy and forgetful if you need it.


One cannot live without water, and it makes us feel good.

But pure water is the difference between, living…and optimal health and wellness.

Check out the videos from AquaTru, the countertop water purifier that will change your life, and your health from the inside out.

AquaTrue rids tap water of over 10 of the most toxic chemicals and contaminants than the leading bottled water. And speaking of bottled water. All of those bottles filling landfills and adding to the problems with the earth.

From Lead to Chromium, Herbicides, Pesticides and even ROCKET FUEL…our water is contributing to how ill we have become.

Make a small investment in the future of your health, and discover the best water purifier on the planet! Reduce toxic chemicals in tap water with AquaTru!


Coach Dawn

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