Reducing Muscle Soreness

Posted: August 10, 2012

Muscle Soreness is an issue for almost anyone that has ever worked out for the first time, or worked out with intensity. Sore muscles can be everything from a little stiff ache after sitting for a while a day after a workout, to a walk that looks like someone just had a major beating! I am familiar with both. Even with a good warm up, and a good cool down, you can still end up sore. There is a not so new tool on the block. A tool that anyone serious about giving their muscles a good, intense session at the gym should own. Anyone that wants strength, flexibility, and an injury free body. You might have used one in physical therapy, or maybe even seen one at your gym lying in the corner. I’m talking about a foam roller.

A foam roller should be something you own. A foam roller is the PRE workout tool, that can prep your muscles, and prevent injury. Rolling your muscles BEFORE you work out, can do everything from bring blood flow to the muscle, to break down scar tissue.A foam roller is also a great POST workout tool. Rolling your quads, your glutes, and your hamstrings, can lessen the tightness from your last workout, and prepare them for the next workout. Inflammation is something that I speak of regularly. Finding out ways to lessen it is key in gaining strength, ridding the body of pain, and keeping the blood flowing freely to your hard worked muscles. is an internet site that you can order a foam roller for about $45.00. Check out you tube videos for how to roll different parts of your body. Rolling your lower body is key, but rolling your back, and learning ways to stretch on a foam roller is great too.

Recovery should be just as important as the workout itself. Without proper recovery, you won’t be able to  workout as hard as you want, and could possibly end up injured. Keep your body injury free. Keep it pain free, and flexible. Let your next exercise purchase be a foam roller. Your body will love you for it.

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