Reliable health tools for women over 40

Posted: March 29, 2022

If you’re a woman over 40, looking to “Dr. Google” for information can be daunting. As a woman over 50, I have over 20+ years in the industry and pride myself on sharing reliable health tools for women over 40.

As a gym owner, fitness instructor, and one that consults women on nutrition, I love helping women find the right path. Not a path of dieting, and extreme exercise, but tools that help with choices to feel, move and look better as they age.

If you and your friends want reliable health tools for women over 40, please get my FREE REPORT above after you send me your best email. (I promise I won’t’ share) You’ll have to confirm you want the instant download of my gift to you that will be sent to your inbox. This gift will give you a report on 7 Days to Extreme energy with workouts, smoothie recipes for a slimmer and more energized you, in addition to a few other bonuses.

Your friend and coach over 40. Coach Dawn here to help 😉

I’ve seen the mistakes that prevent women from losing weight and feeling better. It’s not about a new trendy diet, and certainly not about exercising for hours daily. Who has time for that? Not me, and I’m guessing, not you.

Are you a busy mom, or professional that is trying to slow down the aging process but feel it’s too hard to figure out what to eat, what to use on your skin, how to exercise, or how to calm down?
You are not alone!

Please know that I used to be heavy, with adrenal fatigue, and followed every diet that came out. Only to be miserable and starving. Now I still wear a bikini and I’m 60+, can hike for hours, and feel amazing without strict dieting.

Now, women come to me to help coach them into healthy lifestyles with small do-able actions that work.
Today is the day that you can let me help you feel better, slow the accelerated path to aging, and slim down with energy.

All you have to do is get access to my FREE REPORT above with reliable health tools for women over 40, and get into my inner circle of women that have slowed the aging process.

Sharing ways for you to feel great at every age,

Coach Dawn

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