Renewal for our Bodies and our Minds, come with Spring

Posted: March 19, 2013

Hello and Happy Spring!

Spring is the time for renewal. Our minds change just like the clocks. We look into the mirror at our bodies and are ready for change. However, most of us think negatively since every Spring we have the same thoughts. Unfortunately, we are looking into the mirror and reflecting on our negative issues. Thinking already, that we are mad that we haven’t done anything yet to change ourselves. This thought is exactly what is holding us back. This thought is negative. This is exactly what is sabatoging our goals.

In order to change our bodies, we must first, change our minds. Our actions will follow where our mind takes us. If we decide that we are a champion on the way to the gym, out body will show us a killer workout. If we repeat that we have no self control and drive into a doughnut shop, cursing our metabolisms and saying that we will never lose weight, we will eat a box of doughnuts. If we tell a child over and over that they will never amount to anything, they most likely will not. Sure, there will be the few that in their rebellion, will prove that they can achieve anything, but most will always have a negative word in their heads. Change your words. Change your inner script to yourself. You will believe whatever you keep repeating.

I really cannot remember ever meeting anyone that is not excited about Springtime. Most people will find a positive thing to say about the season changing. This is exactly why this is the time to renew your inner lines. This is exactly why this is the time to believe that you can achieve something great. Something that might not have happened in the past, but can and will happen now. It might be something as small as taking a daily walk. If that is something that you have never done, it will make you feel great. Fresh air, a little intensity in the sunshine, planning out your next achievement. Make it something attainable. Plan on shopping for a healthy grocery list. Maybe try grass fed beef, or organic produce. Do something new, do something that you will succeed at. This is how you keep on empowering yourself. Take small steps that make you feel that you can and will achieve. Then make the task a little bit bigger. The point is to keep repeating to yourself that you can do this, and since the goal is quite small you will succeed.  Each time you do reach that goal, no matter how small it is, remind yourself that you did it. That you are in charge of how you feel, and the choices that you make. This will carry onto bigger and more meaningful life changes.

As each little goal is achieved, tell yourself how great it feels that you did this for yourself. Now, set a bigger goal. Plan to join a gym, or a class. Whether it be yoga, pilates, zumba or a bootcamp. Join a group that will support you, and that you have to remain accountable to. When you do something in a class, you will feel the sense of belonging to a group that has the same goals. It is fun and rewarding to see how you progress, and to add a bit of competition into your health and fitness plan. When you sign up, congratulate yourself. When you go to the first class, be proud… and when you keep on doing it, tell others. I promise you. There is the downward spiral of self loathing and repeating how you are doomed to this negative behaviour, but there is an even bigger, longer lasting upward spiral once you get moving in a positive direction. You will feel the changes inside first. You will see them in how you start to talk to others, and how you feel energized. The next step is always positive. It is the step where others start to notice how you are acting and looking better. The feeling you have inside that you are now owning, is the one that matters. You feel calmer, less apt to be irritated by little things, and better about you. This subtle change that you have created is something that will  end up being very powerful. This is the time to change and renew ourselves.When it starts internally, it will radiate outwardly. When we believe that we can take control of our lives, and start taking the steps to do so, will we then see changes within ourselves. When we see how great if feels to renew, we will keep at it every day.

Renew your mind this Spring. Renew your thoughts, and renew your body. Your energy levels will follow.

Happy Renewal, and Happy Spring!


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