Sciatic Nerve Pain Exercises

Posted: July 30, 2013

If you suffer from sciatic pain as I do, then these exercises might help.  Developed by a physical therapist and used by athletes, these moves get right to where the pain is originating. The hips are the point of origin in sciatic pain. Unfortunately the pain goes from the glutes to the lower leg, and is extremely uncomfortable. Sitting is most often the most painful thing with this type of nerve pain due to the spine being compressed while in a seated position. Some stretches or exercises can make the pain worse, so start with these slowly.

Practice these moves daily. Do them very slowly, and methodically. Hopefully over time, the pain will start to subside.

Sciatic Exercises to Decrease Nerve Pain

Always treat nerve pain seriously, as any damage to the body could have serious implications. (especially for weight lifters like myself!). See a health care practitioner if symptoms stay the same, or get worse, or when starting a new exercise plan.

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