Shift Your Relationship with Food to Lose Weight

Posted: February 19, 2019

The struggle of weight loss must begin with shifting how you think first.

Weight loss is a mental struggle. When you shift your relationship with food, the outcome will show you results.

If we constantly think we need to eat less, or exercise more…we are battling ourselves and not getting to the root of the problem. If we continue to count calories and use the word “cheated”…we always stay in a negative mindset when it comes to food.

We have to first change our relationship with eating. This goes back to “shift your relationship with food to lose weight.”

If we have spent our lives dieting and looking for the perfect new way of eating, we lose sight of eating for energy and longevity.

If we always count calories and call desserts “cheating” then we continue to have a poor relationship with food.

Until we shift HOW we think, we cannot control a positive and lasting result. We must change that inner voice from one that thinks food is a “tool” to thinking that food is vital.

I eat for energy. I also eat according to what I’ll be doing next. Most of the times if I eat late at night, I won’t eat carbs. I know that the body prefers to store carbs if they are not used immediately for energy.

I also love to grocery shop and pick pretty food. Colors that look good on a plate are something my eye has decided are good for me. Variety is what keeps eating healthy. I love to eat what I call “Superfoods”.

A diet with a name is never how I live. My line is that “I don’t follow a diet with a name, because it doesn’t have MY name on it.”

When you start to think of living long and strong…you shift your mind to thinking of eating for weight loss. When you eat to feel energized, you eat to feel vital.

I created a program that is based on LESS exercise and MORE superfoods. You can create an energized and fit body at any age. However, you must use the right movement patterns, and eat foods that reduce toxins as they revitalize your hormones.

In 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret, you will get follow along workout videos to sculpt lean muscle tissue. Not hours of a boring cardio program.

In my 21 Day Ageless Energy Meal Plan, you will introduce super easy and tasty meals that sustain you and keep you full…while the pounds melt off effortlessly!

Shifting your relationship with food and exercise is the best way to get results, while you learn to love yourself, and stop the negative inner chatter.

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