Reshape Your Body with Short Burst Workout Sessions

Posted: February 21, 2022

Hopefully, you know that spending hours on a treadmill or using machines in the gym is the old-school way to fitness. Even some of the biggest sports enthusiasts are using a different approach. It’s possible to reshape your body with short burst workout sessions in 30 days, and I will show you how.

If you think that hormones, age, and diet are to blame, then you came to the right place. I have been coaching women for 20+ years into fitter, leaner, and stronger bodies without strict dieting.

In fact, dieting could be exactly why you have gotten flabbier, and have lost all muscle tone.

Sure, there are the diehard marathon runners and the extreme powerlifters that run for hours, and lift heavy. But, to be honest with you, I never met a marathon runner that doesn’t have a foot or ankle problem, nor have I met a powerlifter that doesn’t have to take time off due to a muscle tear.

Numerous studies have been done, and are still coming out every day to say that interval training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has been shown to produce anti-aging results at a cellular level.
What does that mean?

That the benefits start internally with your organs…heart, and lungs, and work their way out to your muscles – and even your skin.

Check out the month of short burst workouts as in my FINAL FAT MELTDOWN 20-minute interval sessions!

These types of short burst workouts will keep you stronger, fitter, with a flatter belly, and better cardiovascular health than an hour of sitting on machines in the gym. Or, hours of running that will deplete the muscles that keep you looking firmer and younger.

The idea is to push yourself to the limit in this type of training. Think of it as a scale of 1-10. 1 is sitting on the couch. 10 is performing an exercise that you can only do for a matter of seconds, that is too hard to talk during it.

What my workout sessions do is put a group of exercises into an order that goes from your upper body, to your lower body in a series of 20 seconds on, then 20 seconds off.

Here is a “quickie” that will get your heart rate up, your muscles fired up, and get those youth-enhancing hormones and blood flow to body parts you might have forgotten about!

Warm-up with a light soft jog in place for one minute, perform some shoulder circles forward and then back. Followed by 10 Bodyweight squats.  

Set a timer for 20 seconds.
20 Seconds Jumping Jacks

20 seconds rest

20 Seconds Push-Ups

20 seconds rest

20 Seconds Jump Squats (land with soft knees)

20 Seconds rest

20 Seconds Rows (can be mock rows, pulling elbows behind you while squeezing the spot between your shoulder blades together, using a band attached to an object, or using a weight performing a bent-over row.)

20 seconds rest

20 Seconds walking lunges

20 seconds rest

20 seconds Plank

Repeat 3 X. These types of short burst workout sessions are done in Under 10 Minutes! If you want more workouts like this that will melt fat, torch calories, and reshape your body, GO HERE TO SEE HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IN 30 DAYS!

Workouts as these are effective and will be the biggest boost to reshaping your body at home in under 20 minutes a few times weekly!

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Coach Dawn

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