Skincare: Men’s Vs. Women’s

Posted: November 20, 2019

In the world of fancy potions, and antiaging methods, skincare tops the search for women and now men. However, there is a huge difference in what each of us should do. Enter the battle of the sexes once again. Skincare: Men’s Vs. Women’s.

When we were in our teens, most of the girls worried about makeup. For the guys, it was the newness of shaving.

Both came with anxiety over how to look and feel great.

As we age…the issues compound and we spend more time looking at our reflection as we get older.

Some of us are “comfortable” in our own skin.

Others are filled with worry, and never love the way they look. This can cause a lot of grief.

Thankfully, there is a multitude of tools for both men and women currently on the market.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. We need to treat it with care just like our internal organs. Men need a different approach than women.

As we age, it shows how we have lived. Whether we’ve spent a lifetime smoking and without sunblock…or with a nutrient-dense diet and hydration.

Skin shows your age, and it shows your lifestyle as well!

Sure, genes play a role in the color or your skin. And, whether you tan or burn, freckle or not.

Luckily, now we have tools and treatments that are available to ward off looking older, and… even preventing skin cancer.

Men’s skin suffers from shaving and ingrown hairs, making men search for shaving creams and tools to ward that off.

Women care about smooth skin that looks supple and ages well.


Skincare: Men’s Vs. Women’s. Why should we treat our skin differently?

For starters, men’s skin is thicker. It produces more oil and is usually protected by more hair. The products men should use have to be geared towards a thicker dermis.

Women’s skin is more delicate. It is thinner and hormones play a role in how our skin “acts” as we go through different times in our lives.

Don’t think that women are the only ones looking for tips and tools on skincare!
Men are right behind us for treatments, injections, facials and even waxing these days!

Whatever you choose to use on your skin, be sure it’s right for your skin!

Marketing has everything to do with how people pick. But…that isn’t always what’s right for your skin type.

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