Slash your Risk of Obesity Related Disease

Posted: February 25, 2019

We are living longer but more prone to disease and obesity than ever before. I’m pretty sure that either you or someone you know, is on some trendy diet. With simple daily tips, you can slash your risk of obesity related disease starting today.

Fast foods and packaged foods tempt us even in the health food stores. Unless we prepare our foods at home, we don’t really know what we’re eating. Ingredients that we cannot pronounce have no place in a body that wards off weight gain.

From poor soil and farming practices, to the addition of GMO’s and other harmful chemicals, our bodies are unable to process what we eat. Get access to the 7 Worst GMO’s in your kitchen in this free download here.

Sedentary lifestyles are common with the cool tech devices in our hands. There’s an app for everything, but if you look around, we look overfed and overweight.

  1. Add more vegetables. Even if you cannot afford organic, eat more veggies. Your mom was right. You need the nutrients and fiber to keep the weight off, and the disease at bay.
  2. Reduce your stress levels. Stress is a silent killer. Get a massage. Do pilates or enjoy the feel of moving, stretching and lengthening your muscles after a day of sitting at your desk. Listen to some calming music and find more chill time for you! A calmer you won’t feel the need to binge because you’ll love the sense of control over your mind and body.
  3. Exercise daily. Whether it be a quick fast paced workout, or a slow weight lifting class. Get your heart rate up, and your muscles engaged. A strong body will carry you into life better than a weak and frail one. More muscle raises a sluggish metabolism and burns calories even while at rest. Get up, and get moving. Exercise is also a great anti-depressant!
  4. Drink more water, and less alcohol. Addictive behaviors wreak havoc on our brains, bodies and loved ones. Water is necessary for all cells and alcohol kills the ones we need most. Replace your sodas, and limit your cocktails, so that your choices are wise ones the next day, and you have the energy to move your body. Drink at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water daily.
  5. Find passion in cooking and learn enjoy trying different foods. There is something relaxing and rewarding to sitting down to a home cooked meal. Plan your meals, and make them fun. Try new recipes and spices and shop for healthy foods on sale. You don’t have to be a 5 star chef. Just be someone that wants to eat healthy, and smell the aromas that energize and fortify a body for life.

For tips and tools that keep you energized, with a positive mindset and all that you need to live long and strong.

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By adding in simple daily steps, you can slash your risk of obesity-related disease. A lifestyle can be changed, and a future regained if you follow the few tips below.

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