Slim Your Gut with Stress Reduction

Posted: July 30, 2019

Slim your gut with stress reduction and live longer!

Living longer isn’t always better though right?

Being alive for more years could mean on several medications unable to do what you love. Living longer could mean in a nursing home. Or, it could mean suffering with chronic illness, obesity and the inability to care for yourself.

None of those are what we want, but why then are people in such denial about HOW they live from day to day? LIFESTYLE is what keeps you living healthy, happy, active lives. Not just a new diet with a name. Not a new gym membership. Not being 5 pounds lighter.  

Slim your gut with stress reduction is a FREE SUMMIT based on experts findings on healthy living while reducing stress. Stress is a huge contributor to if we overeat, to if we suffer from high blood pressure.

For today, let’s just look at the 3 topics below, and YOU assess where you are in life.

Ask yourself a few questions when you read the topics and then decide if you can do better…or if you are really doing all you can to live an optimal life with vitality and happiness.

Are you in denial that you have a stressful life?

Do you have times of calm in your life that you PLAN for? STRESS IS A KILLER.  Find ways to feel at peace in your body, in your relationships, in your job, and in your home.

1. How much stress do you have, and what are you doing to manage it? What about managing your stress in healthy and mindful ways? Or, are you eating and drinking for comfort even though that makes you feel guilty and worse. Do you have high blood pressure? Slim your gut with calming and mindful eating and you’ll never have to follow a strict diet again.

2. Are you sedentary for most of the day sitting at a desk or TV?

This does not mean do you go to a gym 3 times a week for an hour…this is talking about how much time you spend NOT sitting. Do you take walks in nature and breathe in the fresh air?
Do you stretch and take in deep breaths after sitting for a bit or when you wake? Do you plan activities that get you moving as in golf or yoga, biking or hiking? What about washing your car or gardening? 

These are movement-based activities that you need more of. Today…spend less time sitting still, and move time in a state of activity.

3. Exactly how aware of your eating habits are you? 

Any idea of how much protein you eat daily and do you care? Are you trying to add in more veggies and actually making sure you do?  Or, are you just talking about a new trendy diet that everyone else is following?

Are you eating organically, farm-raised, pasture-raised, farm to table? Or, do you just order whatever you’re in the mood for without any attention to what that does to your body inside and out? Do you treat food as medicine? 

If you do not… then I challenge you to do so.

I’d like to give you access to a super cool FREE list of snacks and smoothies and an invite to the free SLIM GUT SUMMIT, click the blue link and re-energize your body while never gaining a pound! 

KNOW what you are eating and why. Where it came from and how it was raised. And…eat for longevity and energy! 

These are just 3 Lifestyle Changes that when put into action…will change how you feel…and how you look for life! It’s time to make these changes.  If you don’t start now…you’re cutting short what could be the most important times of your life… THE FUTURE!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!

Coach Dawn

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