Slowing the Aging Process for Women

Posted: October 9, 2020

Looking and feeling older is any woman’s nemesis. So then slowing the aging process for women is the key to happiness, right?!

I have been in the anti-aging space for years as a gym owner that only coaches women.

Instead of trying to get “skinny,” I coach women to think of aging with vitality and strength.

I also coach them to understand what is directly responsible for looking and feeling older, with a sluggish metabolic rate.

And that is a lack of muscle.

To preserve lean muscle mass and prevent accelerated aging, we must take precautions to do so.

AgelessLX has 6 patents and over 60 clinical studies. It is a product that prevents aging and the loss of muscle mass.

Sarcopenia is the medical term that you never want to see on your doctor’s chart. That means that you are on a path to falling…being hunched over…and looking older than the number of candles on your cake.

Lifestyle plays a key to a point, and then we need a little boost.

So, do you want to be at the top of the hill? Or…over the hill.

Do you want to look frail and older? Or, do you want to be the woman that everyone thinks “had something done?”

Aging happens. But, does it have to be a scary decline…or something that you take on with an empowered feeling and one that you take on with happiness? You decide because I already know my answer!

Family medical history means something. But not what we used to think. Here’s my mother at 83, and me at 57!

My mother is an active Cancer survivor and my dad is still kicking too!
Because they know that lifestyle + diet+ movement + Supplements and happiness… keep you going for the long haul.

And that we simply cannot get all we need from even the healthiest of diets if we are over 40.

There are too many hidden factors that create a path to a faster aging process. We just need to be in on the tools that can slow that process down. And you’ve come to the right place.

So, do you think she looks in her 80s and me close to 60?

Even though my mom started losing muscle mass after surgery (and she is 4’8″ so she cannot afford to lose any weight) she knew that having a vital body and positive mindset was a necessity!

Unfortunately, that was not enough. Enter AgelessLX.

AgelessLX is a combination of scientifically based ingredients that prevent the loss of and restore muscle tissue.

This is the key to anti-aging. Preventing muscle loss and slowing the aging process for women is a key in strong posture.

It’s the key to a flatter belly with a tight core, a faster metabolic rate where you burn fat, and healthier hair. All of the things that make us look, move and feel younger!

It’s not just a healthy diet and strength training that will change your body. It’s a combination of happy living, and giving your body what it must have to prevent the aging cycle from speeding up.

CLICK HERE TO BECOME AGELESS…and to move, feel and look younger than you did last year while putting a stop to aging fast.

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!
Coach Dawn

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