Posted: January 24, 2012

Strength training for women should be the absolute foundation to your getting lean program. Can you really say that your body has changed by only doing cardio? Of course not! Building muscle, getting stronger, and putting a challenge to your muscles is the way to the sexy curves you crave. NOT the “skinnier” version of yourself. Skinnier is not fit, it is not shapely, it is not a body that feels tight. Strength training by regularly adding weight, adding new lifts, and sticking to the “old school” exercises is what will make you finally see a difference.

 Get off the treadmill. Stop looking at how many calories you have burned after a boring bout of cardio. The numbers you should be charting should come from Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Presses, Lat pull downs, Pull ups, REAL weight lifting! Add protein to every meal, eat often. Drink a post workout shake within 30 minutes of an intense strength training session, that has a combination of whey protein powder, and some simple carbs. Rest at least a day in between. Progressively add weights. Put down the puny weights that you can lift for 15 reps.

 Every once in a while you need to go old school, and do a warm up set of light weights to get the blood flowing to a specific muscle group, then follow up with 3 sets of heavy enough that you can only get about 4-6 reps in. This will “kick start” some muscle building, and rev up enough fibers in your body to start to see a  change in your physique. Use a workout like this once a week, pick a body part or two at a time. With a heavier weight load, you will not be able to do a full body workout. Do this in between some interval training, and you will start to see your muscles take on a new shape. Forget the word tone. BURN, BUILD and RECOVER!

Pick up Alwyn Cosgrove’s book…(I consider it the womens bible)  The New Rules of Lifting for Women. How to Lift like a Man, and Look like a Goddess.

Bring out your strong, strength trained Goddess, you will surprise yourself. (and a few guys too)!

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