Strong is Sexier than Skinny

Posted: November 4, 2019

Most women over 35 have tried dieting. After half of my life coaching women and in the fitness industry, I am still shocked by how many women focus on the number on the scale. Skinny is frail, and Strong is Sexier than Skinny.

Picture these two women that both weight 125 pounds.

One is thin, clothes hanging on her…she knows what she weighs because she weighs herself every day, and counts calories. She has also tried diets and uses the word “skinny” often. She usually binges here and there because she is SO hungry!

The other?

She also weighs 125 pounds. However, she is strong…eats foods from every food group and never gets on a scale. She is confident. She is curvy, and she loves new activities and adventure. She is a size medium and her jeans fit tight and show off her firm rear end.

This woman gets it. Strong is sexier than skinny.

The problem with most women is still the same as it was 25 years ago when I got into weight lifting and away from cardio only workouts and extreme diets.

Women are intimidated in the weight room. Women think that weights will make them “bulky.” And women still think that skinny is a good thing.

Most women are TOO tired due to too little calories AND too little sleep. The best way you can regain your energy and be able to stop following strict diets, is to shift the way you think!

  1. Stop trendy diets. Eat a variety of real, whole, organic foods. Eat 3 meals daily and possibly a snack. Drink water in abundance and eat as many veggies as possible. This is the best way to switch your body to stop storing foods as fat.
  2. Lift weights. No ladies…not 3 or 5 pounders! LIFT REAL WEIGHTS!

Hire a trainer that coaches women to put on muscle or interview a trainer at a local gym and tell them specifically no matter what your age, or ability that you want to get stronger!

That is when the changes will come and they will take you from tired, skinny and weak…to strong, firm and confident!

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Coach Dawn

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