Superfood Bars for Optimal Energy

Posted: March 31, 2022

More energy is what most people wish they had. Unfortunately, with busy lives, and no time to cook, many of us reach for fast fixes that don’t have our bodies and systems in mind, and leave us still hungry and crashing from too much sugar. I’m super excited to share with you today, my go-to superfood bars for optimal energy!

Health-minded people usually take food with them when on the go, so that they don’t have to stop for junk. This will keep you on track with your eating plans so that you don’t have to count calories or follow strict calorie-cutting methods. When you’re eating whole foods, your body will absorb it and use it…not store it as fat.

I’ve seen many women pull out of their purses energy bars that were meant for extreme sports activities such as hiking, running, and events. But a day at the office is no reason to grab one of those. Actually, those high-carb bars that are loaded with simple carbohydrates will make you crash and burn with zero energy in an hour since you won’t be burning it off.

If you want something delicious that fortifies your brain, body, and activity levels …AND a day at your desk, go here to see what my favorite superfood energy bars for optimal health are.

My favorite flavor is the not-too-sweet but chewy lemon meringue bars. On the other hand, I also carry the decadent dark chocolate chip ones to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Beware though, I have to hide these from my husband since he ate 6 in 2 days the last time I ordered them!

These bars are not only delicious but are loaded with 10 organic ingredients to keep your body in top shape, with brainpower and physical energy that lasts for hours.


Today is the day to nourish yourself with whole ingredients that your body craves, and get rid of sugary fake foods that hold you back from feeling your best.

Energy is the key to getting to your goals!

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