5 Superfoods for Super Energy

Posted: July 29, 2017

Detoxifying is something our body should do on it’s own. So then, why do people pay for programs to detox their bodies? I’ll tell you why. Because  people still want a quick fix to rid their body of bellyfat and to have more energy, when all they REALLY need is the addition of SUPERFOODS for Super Energy!

Ahhh..energy. Where did it go, and why are you so tired?

Sleep is one of the missing pieces of the “health puzzle”. We don’t sleep because we are stressed, have a tech device in our hand, and don’t know how to shut off our brains. Our insides are spending way too much time trying to ward off invaders and toxins, so we are actually working overtime 24/7!

We need at least 7 hours of sleep to get our body to work it’s magic.  To recover from a rough day, maybe a workout and reboot each and every system. In order to reboot, besides sleep, we need energy! Energy in the form of Superfoods.

Energy comes from food, sunshine, sleep and a positive mindset. If  one of these are missing, the body will be stricken by disease and take us down a path to illness, weakness, exhaustion and lethargy. Unfortunately what follows is obesity and accelerated aging.

Today’s post is about SUPERFOODS. Superfoods for Super Energy.

I love the word SUPER!
From SUPER man..to SUPER foods, to that was SUPER! and the list goes on.
Today, I want to focus on SUPER-FOODS. Your immune system needs them. Your energy levels need them. Your anti-aging plan needs them to heal, and you will look, move and feel better than ever the more you add them to your diet.
What makes a food super?
Benefits. It’s as simple as that.
Below is a list of 5 Superfoods and their properties. Add them to your daily meals and snacks, and change your body from the inside out. With protection from Cancer and free radicals, to skin, organ and cell health. These tasty foods should be on the top of your grocery list and on every plate of food you eat!
1. Red Tart Cherries. 
This fruit is a great way to combat DOMS…delayed onset muscle soreness. You know, the day after a workout when you’re tight and sore from your workout? Rich in anthocyanins, these pretty and tasty fruits are a great way to combat soreness.
Eat these daily, add them frozen to smoothies, and drink the red tart cherry juice. However, high in sugar, keep them limited to immediately following a workout, so your body uses them to replace needed energy.
2. Spinach.
Popeye was on to something and so was your mother. Rich leafy greens are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and can be added to omelets, sauteed as a side dish and even thrown into a blender to up your greens intake. High in iron which is great for women that are lacking energy.
3. Flax and Chia Seeds.
Both of these are high in Omega 3s which is needed for heart health. These little nutty seeds when ground can be added to smoothies, sprinkled on yogurt and added to ground meats. (I add 2 Tablespoons to meatballs and taco meat, but my favorite is in my breakfast smoothies!). Loaded with fiber, these can be a great healthy food to assist with weight loss and constipation.
4. Ginger 
Used since ancient times to ward off nausea, this still does the trick. This sweet but peppery spice can be bought raw and shaved into salads, teas or smoothies. I love the organic pressed juice stores that sells this in “shots” and I drink 1/2 shot daily mixed with water and lemon…A great tool if you have digestive issues, ginger calms the stomach and assists with natural cleansing and detoxifying.
5. Turmeric
This biblical spice has been used for centuries in curries and dishes in India and Asia. The rich yellow compound is curcumin and calms inflammation of the brain, stomach and assists with pain. In recent studies, turmeric had the same effect as someone taking prescription pain medication with the horrible side effects. Supplements are very useful when you can’t eat curry daily!
This is a small list of Superfoods that will change how your body ages, heals, and wards off illness. Add these to your healthy body plan, and protect your cells with every meal.
For a grocery list of superfoods, supersmoothies, and a plan that will energize your tired body,  and follow along workout plan that will change your shape, mend broken hormones and kickstart that tired body into gear…
Stay tuned for other ways to be the best that you can be and look forward to my emails sent to your inbox. I’ve got 25 years of tips that will change how you live and look that you can use every day!

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Coach Dawn

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