Superfoods to Boost Immunity

Posted: October 1, 2020

By now you KNOW that inflammation is a killer. And, when we are inflamed, we are inviting disease and weight gain, hormonal issues, and a path of chronic pain. That’s why you need Superfoods to Boost Immunity.

Inflammation causes belly distress, pain, thyroid issues, heart and brain disorders, and diseases.

It also wreaks havoc on our lives from how we feel to how we look.

When we have inflammation, we suffer. It may take years before you feel it, but trust me, it’s happening NOW inside of you! 

Sure…there is good inflammation like a fever. That’s the body’s natural way of killing off invaders. However, there’s the lingering inflammation that comes from what we eat.

The kind of inflammation that we may not see until it starts to harm us. Usually, the inflammation that I am talking about lies deep within your intestines. The center of your health.

It is said to be the main component in thyroid disease, auto-immune disease and the cause of chronic pain. 

There are foods that ward off inflammation and even heal from the inside out. Here is a list of foods that I URGE you to keep on hand, on your plate…and of course…in your diet.  

When you add these superfoods into your body on a regular basis…watch your belly bloat disappear and your inflammation leave your life!

1. Green Tea and organic herbal teas.

2. Fermented foods as in Sauerkraut, Kombucha teas, and kefir.

3. Unsalted raw nuts.

4. Pasture raised beef, bison and poultry.

5. Purified water.

6. Organic Leafy greens and locally raised vegetables. (or grow your own without pesticides!)

7. Organic fruits. Onions, garlic, turmeric and organic spices and herbs.

8. Organic, single ingredient nut butters.

9. Wild Caught Fish.

10. Olive and Avocado Oils. Including avocados….


This powerful list of anti-inflammatory foods will calm the fires, keep you full and slim,  and ward off the sickness that starts in your gut. 

We KNOW that our food is riddled with toxins, chemicals, sprays and grown in poor dirt in even poorer conditions. 

That’s why it’s imperative that you take your diet and what you put into your body as a priority!  

It’s up to you to do everything possible to create a strong immune response, and it starts with what you eat! 

Make eating these foods a priority. Then watch your energy levels perk up, and your waistline go down while you prepare your body with a fighting army of strength!

Add superfoods to boost immunity for the strongest and healthiest you ever!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong!
Coach Dawn

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