Prevent disease and extend life!

Posted: November 23, 2019

Hello friends in fitness! Want to prevent disease and extend life? Of course you do! Noone wants to live a life of weakness and medicines. And, I’ll bet that the thought of a nursing home makes you cringe. Me too! I am an avid reader and subscribe to some pretty lucrative medical journals and sites. … Continued

Healing Inflammation with Food

Posted: October 30, 2019

Inflammation is what is killing us. From chronic pain to autoimmune disorders…we are on a painful and fatigued path to the end. Today I want you to realize that healing inflammation with food is possible. Our air, soil, food, and lifestyles are forcing us to look to doctors for healing. Unfortunately, all the medical world … Continued

Boost Immune System Naturally

Posted: January 29, 2019

Free Immune Defense Summit will give you the tools to ward off illness and feel better for life! In the months leading up to Winter, our bodies should be gearing up with foods and practices that protect us. Invaders will try to get in, but with a strong defense, we can ward them off. To … Continued

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