Look and feel younger than your age?

Posted: April 19, 2022

Of course, we are all getting older. But, do you look and feel younger than your age? Or, do people guess you to be older since you are not taking proper care of yourself? Have you ever thought that some people are “lucky” because they have the good genes that you didn’t get? Science and … Continued

How to Feel and Look Younger

Posted: May 26, 2021

Aging happens to us all. But how we age is what matters. Some of us come from families that age well, and some of us come from what we say is a “bad gene pool.” I am here to show you how to feel and look younger no matter what you have believed in the … Continued

Live Younger Longer Summit

Posted: January 6, 2021

There are now clear, specific, evidence-based steps you must take if you truly do want to look and feel your best now… avoid and possibly even overcome disease… and live long and well doing it. That’s why you should get excited about the Live Younger Longer summit! Get access to anti-aging strategies for free here … Continued

Natural Ways to Look Younger

Posted: October 12, 2020

Women are more concerned with aging than men are. Maybe that’s because women compare themselves to the celebrities that live in spas and plastic surgeons offices. Perhaps it’s because we are obsessed with antiaging. Here are Natural Ways to Look Younger that you can start today. First, let me mention that I have done hair … Continued

Fastest Way to Look Younger

Posted: August 25, 2020

Women don’t have it as easy as men do when it comes to aging. There’s the weight gain after 40. Then there’s the struggle with hormones and moods. But the one thing that most women miss the boat on, and the fastest way to look younger is this. Adding muscle. Muscle is what keeps you … Continued

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