How to Lose Menopause Weight Gain

Posted: April 3, 2023

Menopause weight gain is not like any other weight gain, that most women have experienced. If you have dieted and lost weight in the past, none of those old methods seem to work. Besides having the extra weight, most of it seems to sit right on your belly, making you look and feel older. As … Continued

Menopause Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Plan

Posted: January 1, 2017

If you are a woman over 45, then chances are, you are experiencing pre-Menopause symptoms. Weight gain, foggy brain, irritability, and belly bloating all go with the aging process. Or do they? I am 55+ years vital. I don’t use the word “old’ since I don’t EVER feel old. I coach women into lifestyles of … Continued

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