Preventing Age-Related Muscle Loss

Posted: September 20, 2021

Preventing age-related muscle loss is one of the best ways to slow the aging process. With the loss of muscle mass, we get weaker, have poorer posture, and are more likely to fall due to not being strong enough to balance. As we age, many of us lead more sedentary lives, and we simply don’t engage … Continued

How to Feel and Look Younger

Posted: May 26, 2021

Aging happens to us all. But how we age is what matters. Some of us come from families that age well, and some of us come from what we say is a “bad gene pool.” I am here to show you how to feel and look younger no matter what you have believed in the … Continued

Building Muscle after 40

Posted: November 29, 2020

As we age, we lose muscle mass. Muscle is what keeps our posture erect, prevents us from falling and helps us take care of ourselves as we age. Muscle building after 40 is imperative to prevent the downward spiral of aging and to help you feel, move and look younger! Hormones cause a cascade of … Continued

3 Tips to Age-Proof Your Body

Posted: May 17, 2020

Everyone ages. But how we age is what matters. Sure, we are living longer, but at what cost? I’m going to give you 3 Tips to Age-Proof Your Body so that you can live long and strong…while warding off disease. There are factors besides genes that have an effect on how well you are aging. … Continued

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