Why Women Need Strength Training

Posted: October 8, 2021

The same myths have been around since I first started lifting weights 26 years ago. Women still have this idea in their heads that they will end up “bigger” and looking like men if they strength train. Once and for all, we won’t. We simply do not have the amount of testosterone in our systems … Continued

Strong is Sexier than Skinny

Posted: November 4, 2019

Most women over 35 have tried dieting. After half of my life coaching women and in the fitness industry, I am still shocked by how many women focus on the number on the scale. Skinny is frail, and Strong is Sexier than Skinny. Picture these two women that both weight 125 pounds. One is thin, … Continued

How can Women Build Lean Muscle Tissue?

Posted: April 3, 2019

Most women try dieting to change their shape. All that does is make you a smaller, flabbier version of the you from before. Muscle raises metabolisms, so your question should not be how can I lose weight. It should be how can women build lean muscle tissue. Ever see a guy eat just a salad … Continued

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