3 Foods that accelerate aging

Posted: July 22, 2016

If you are trying to look and feel young, then you should be sure to avoid these 3 foods that accelerate aging.

  1. Sugar. 

Sugar causes the body to not only crave more sugar which causes weight gain, but also causes sugar to attack your molecules and cause destruction. Skin, organs, inflammation, and a body that looks dry, aged and weak is what happens when too much sugar is consumed.

2. Processed meats and lunchmeat.’

With an extreme amount of sodium, nitrates, and chemicals, these foods contain a chemical crapstorm of toxins that make the body fatter, more bloated, and in the long run..sick. Stick to grass fed, organic, and pasture raised meats.

3. Alcohol

Although a glass of red wine is great, alcohol is one of the most common of the 3 food that accelerate aging. Not only do you endanger your life while under the influence due to possible accidents, but the body needs to work overtime to restore its balance for hours after you are done drinking. Alcohol is dehydrating. Alcohol makes your choices usually poor when it comes to food and cravings, and it makes your skin look sallow, your eyes look red and or bulging, and your liver is taxed. Stick to a glass or two of red wine for the polyphenols that have heart and body benefits, and call it a night.

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