The Future of Your Health..How to Promote Wellness

Posted: February 12, 2013


Are you concerned about the future of your health, or excited? I am on a wellness kick. Well not really a kick, since I have been on it for about 20 years. I am a bit of a control freak, so I like to plan things out. I plan on being well therfore I am excited. Wellness is a topic that interests me, much more than sickness. People spend a lot of time complaining about how bad they feel, or how tired, or how often they are sick. Right now, my health is pretty good. I never get sick, I’m not even concerned with getting the flu. You know why? Because I take every precaution to make sure my immune system is in prime shape. The future of your health can be something you are excited about as well. Right now you are already taking a step forward by reading this blog. You know that by reading this blog, you will most likely come away with something that you didn’t really know before. At least, that is one of my goals for writing. I have mentioned many times, that I like doing the leg work and sifting through the B.S. I don’t get my information from people selling products. I look to sources that are either based on countless double blind studies, or just plain old fashioned “this is how the body works”. Now, of course I understand that all bodies do not work the same. However, there are certain rules in either nutrition, body mechanics, digestion, muscle building, and wellness, that rarely change.

What do I do to keep well? Let me give you a list of things that I believe make a difference in my health. Try adding some, or all of these to your health care regimen. I can pretty much guarantee that if you incorporate some of these, you will feel “different”. Maybe better, possibly great!

* Drink a greens smoothie every day. Greens are alkalinizing. Everything from bone health to cancer can be affected by keeping the body alkaline vs. acidic.
I use Amazing Grass brand  Green Superfood in Orange Dreamsicle flavor. Gluten Free and Vegan. I have tried many greens. This one has a sweet taste. The other one I find that tastes amazing is Ormus Greens. These greens have a refreshing mint flavor. Available from my site by clicking the SunWarrior tab, above.

* I blend my Greens with Good Belly brand Probiotic Coconut Water, infused with probiotics.
Countless studies show that digestive health is the key to optimal immunity. The top nutrition and supplement practices do not matter if your body does not absorb these nutrients properly. Probiotics are key in promoting digestive wellness. You can also blend your greens into a protein smoothie for breakfast. I mix it all together for an amazing, energizing breakfast!

* I take Vitamin D3 daily in the form of AlgaeCal Plus. Every person I know,(including myself) that has been tested for vitamin D levels are low. Calcium and D work together for absorption  We live in a part of the country that has little contact with sunlight. Vitamin D is responsible for everything from muscle building to moods, bone growth to immunity.

* Digestive Enzymes – Again, if you don’t absorb nutrients properly, you won’t get the benefits. I take a capsule after each meal. I have Hashimoto’s auto-immune disorder. (thyroid disorder). With this disorder people usually end up with digestive issues. I don’t seem to have any now, and I don’t want any later.

*  Quality Sleep – I strive for 7-8 hours nightly. I know that when our bodies are asleep, that is the only time that we recouperate from whatever we put our bodies through. Workouts, stress, bad diets, long hours at work. If you aren’t sleeping  between 6-7 hours nightly some studies show that you will be more prone to store fat.

* Fish Oil – Inflammation is something that I write about a lot. We die inflammed. We can prevent a lot of it. From diet to supplements, I choose both. Fish Oil in purified form, either Isagenix or Nordic Naturals are rated with high quality standards.

* A diet loaded with nutrient dense foods. Many colors, many options. I don’t follow any diet with a name. I eat often, I eat a variety, I eat lean protein, lots of veggies, some grains and carbs, and very little sweets.

* Purified  Water. No body can function without water. Every cell in the body thrives on hydration. Water is good for everything from skin, to bowels, to energy levels. Drink at least 6-8 glasses daily.

* Clean hands – Washed often. Not to be confused with anti-bacterial wipes. They are good for surfaces at the gym, but that’s the only time I use them. I wash my hands, and keep them away from my face.

* Strength training – I work my entire body on a regular basis. I sweat, I push, pull, drag, and lift objects to strengthen my body. I want to age with a body that functions well for many years. I put it to new challenges, but know when to rest. This keeps my body renewed and will prevent age related muscle loss as I get older.

* Relaxation. This is a biggie. I am a type A person. However, I know how to have fun, and relax. Books, a glass of wine, a movie a couple time a week with my son and/or husband. Dinner out. Massages.Chill time. Every moment does not have to be a challenge or a goal. I am determined when I need to be, focused and driven, but nothing is more replenishing than chill time. Learn to be able to calm your mind and your body.

Here is my list. I am not promoting the above products exclusively, they are the ones that I personally like the taste of, and use, and have researched their ingredients. This is not meant to be in place of regular check ups. This is how I personally stay energized, and free from illness. Yeah, I have a named health disorder, but I plan on never making that something that keeps me down. Learn what your own body needs. Promote your own wellness so that the future of your health is something to be excited about!


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