The Kettlebell Swing. How to Master the Swing for Fat Loss, Strength and Endurance

Posted: April 28, 2013

Kettlebells might be the one tool that can get you to your goals of fat loss, strength and endurance. They are not some new fad that just came to town. Kettlebells have been around since the 1800’s. It seems however that they came to America recently. From the workout scenes in the movies to the hardcore gyms in town, one thing is for sure, they won’t be leaving us soon. They are not a fad that you will see in a cheesy infomercial. They are not something that will fade out. Kettlebells are fast becoming the top training tool with every fitness minded person around. From the top trainers in L.A. and New York, to right here in our own backyard at Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center. They are the tool that will challenge your core, your endurance, and for sure, your muscles. Kettlebell workouts can be done in conjunction with your other sets of lifts, or they can be used all by themselves. The difference is this. There is no other single tool that when used properly, will engage muscles, cardiovascular endurance, core and balance like a kettlebell.

The question that I get asked most often is “what is the difference between a kettlebell and a dumbbell?” A kettlebell’s center of gravity is in the middle. It is basically a weighted  ball with a handle. A dumbbell has an uneven center of gravity due to the weight being on each end. To use the most basic of all kettlebell moves known as the swing, you have to stabilize your body by engaging your core. Since the power of the swing is generated from your hips, you have to tighten your glutes, your abs, your quads and your entire upper body to swing the kettlebell. While generating this power in even the most conditioned athlete, your heart rate climbs. Right there, you have a killer workout, by doing only a single basic move. One tool. Fat burning, cardio, and muscle building in a short, intense workout.

For a beginning lightly conditioned woman, start with an 8k or around 15-20lb. Kettlebell. Men should begin with no less than 12k, or 25-35lbs. As you perfect your swing, it is very beneficial to move up in weight. Swing a kettlebell a few times, you will see what I mean. It is very easy to get hooked!

There are many other exercises that can be done with kettlebells. Until you have the swing down, it is best to just keep perfecting that move. Below is a great video on how to master the Kettlebell Swing.

Kettlebell Swing for Beginners

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