Thermic Effect of Protein for Fat Loss

Posted: April 11, 2011

Have you ever considered hiring a nutritionist? Are you still not sure about why protein is so important, which are the good carbs or bad, and the best fats? Ever hear of the thermic effect of protein and how it can help with weight loss?

Are you aware that there are certain foods that can actually increase your metabolism just by digesting them? This is referred to as the Thermic Effect of Food, or TEF.

Protein has the highest metabolic action. The body burns off approximately 25% of the calories consumed when protein is eaten. Only 10% for carbs, and zero for fats. This is a natural process that the body undergoes after eating lean proteins.

Protein also keeps hunger in check for longer periods of time than any other nutrient. Without proper amounts of protein, our muscles cannot build or repair themselves. With this information alone, you can make choices in your diet, that will truly make a difference.

Whole food meals are usually the best choice for overall health. However, protein shakes are a great way to supplement your daily requirements when on the go, or in between meals. The best options are Whey and Casein protein. However, be cautious when choosing…many are laden with toxins. I love BioChem’s Vanilla NonGMO protein powder. It was in the top 5 for least amount of fillers and toxins and that is hard to find!

Whey is immediately digested, and casein is a slower digesting protein. You can find them blended or separate, and they both can be mixed with water or milk, making them very portable. Keep some in your car, so that you can replenish your body immediately after a workout.

The best weight training program will fail if it is not coupled with intelligent food choices. Keep yourself up to date with the latest books and videos geared towards your goals, so that you can get lean, and stay strong! Change your life, and your energy levels, and never restrict calories again.

It has been proven over, and over that, the only way to keep off fat, is to change what, and how often you eat, and to put on some lean muscle tissue.

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Coach Dawn

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