This is responsible for rapid aging

Posted: July 3, 2022

By the time you are 60, most people have lost 30% of their lean muscle mass. This is responsible for rapid aging, weakness, falls, and weight gain.

The most metabolically active tissue on your body is your muscle. It is what keeps us looking firm and young, and also keeps your metabolism working as it should.

With sedentary lives, desk jobs, following diets, and doing only cardio for exercise this gets worse. What we end up with is a body that looks older, instead of youthful and energized.

Simple movement patterns that engage the entire body can put this aging to a halt. Even with as little as 7 Minutes of Daily Exercise, as long as you are targeting the right body parts, can help.

I’ve been a coach, gym owner, and body transformation expert for 20+ years.

After watching many women gain weight, I started to ask why they thought this was happening.

Most of them thought they needed to get on a diet or start walking. When in fact, nearly all of them had already tried trendy diets.

The only proven way to lose weight, and keep it off is done when you shift HOW you look at food and exercise. Next, you must build lean muscle tissue by challenging the muscles, and feeding it high-quality protein as in Rootz Superfood Protein Powder. This protein powder tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and will boost metabolic rate, and keep you full while feeding your muscles.

Think of eating for energy. Plan on eating more superfoods with benefits that keep you full and satifsfied, not just less food.

Stay active in ways that use your body’s largest muscle groups in patterns that get your heart rate up, and challenge the body to see a change.

In my program, the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret, you’ll see how at 60+ I can still wear a bikini when you click here.

The key is to raise your metabolism by adding more lean muscle and feeding those muscles to prevent wasting.

Remember, when you lose muscle, this is responsible for rapid aging, and you want to prevent that starting now!

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Coach Dawn

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