Tired Achy and Lethargic?

Posted: May 15, 2020

I live in Michigan. Not the “Land of Sunshine” that’s for sure. If you live in a state that has more cloudy days then not…you may feel constantly tired, achy and lethargic.

Sunshine is necessary for many reasons. From triggering those “happy endorphins to actually changing how your brain works!

Vitamin D is necessary for bone and teeth health, combatting fatigue and to help your body absorb calcium.

Taking calcium is not enough if you don’t have a reputable source of Vitamin D and K2 for it to be absorbed by your intestines where it does its job.

If you are over 40 then chances are you are stressed, fatigued and feel that way often. Maybe, you even feel like you get sick often, have a “blue” feeling on most days, and don’t know why.

My brother in law suffered for years from debilitating fatigue. He thought he ate well, and got enough sleep…but he just couldn’t shake the sleepiness that he felt all day.

Doctors were stumped. He’d go from feeling great for a few days, to laying in bed with aches and pains.

On the days he felt good? He felt great…but for days after that, he’d feel like he was “coming down with something” or needed a nap.

Finally, he went to the Mayo Clinic and explained his constantly feeling tired achy and lethargic.

What did they find? That his Vitamin D levels were very low. Actually after 2 days of extensive testing…they sent him home. “Get more direct sunshine” said the doctors. Or…take a supplement.

His follow up with his doctor was to supplement with Vitamin D of a “high quality that was able to be absorbed by the body”.

If you live in a low sunshine area, are always tired and not sure why?
Chances are, you’re low in Vitamin D. Luckily you can easily remedy that with a supplement that your body can use as my brother in law did.

Literally one month later he had his blood work done. His numbers were great and he went on to train for his first of 3 Ironman events!

Of course a nutrient dense diet and sleep are a necessary to ward off fatigue and not have to live on coffee!

But if you just can’t seem to shake the blues and want to feel great again…CLICK HERE TO TAP INTO THE ENERGIZED YOU!

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