Tone Stubborn Fat Fast

Posted: September 25, 2019

Unfortunately, as we age, we start to lose muscle mass. Add in sedentary lives, sitting on our laptops (ahem!) and desk jobs or watching favorite shows…and it happens faster. If you want to tone stubborn fat fast, then you’re probably doing what doesn’t work!

Now, add in weekly cardio? I know, you think that’s great eh?  Well, wait a minute while I enlighten you. Doing only cardio with an otherwise sedentary life is the way to even LESS muscle.

Running, cycling, spinning and other cardio means of exercise can actually deplete your muscle stores because they are aerobic exercise. What that means is that if you only do is cardio and spend the rest of your days sitting…then as you age, you’ll have even less muscle.

IF your goal is to tone stubborn fat and rid your body of cellulite then you need to shift what you are doing. If you only do cardio and spend most other hours of the day sitting, you are more prone to:

1. More likely to have poor posture. 

2. More likely to have a saggy rear end that is flat. 

3. More likely to fall since your posterior chain (your back, buns, and back of your legs) are weakened due to not being used.

4. You’ll look older since you’ll be thinner with less muscle mass.

5. You’ll have less balance.

You need strong glutes to be able to balance and stand up straight, and the list goes on and on.

The truth of the matter is that WE NEED STRONG BUNS…A STRONG MIDSECTION…AND STRONG HIPS. So if you like to run, hike, bike, swim and jog…that’s cool. Just don’t let it be the ONLY form of exercise that you do. CLICK HERE TO RESHAPE, STRENGTHEN AND SMOOTH THAT BACKSIDE THAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

Now is the time to get those buns perky and rid your body of dimples, extra flab and feel, move and look better than ever!

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