Toxic Mold in Your Laundry?

Posted: July 21, 2020

There is a dirty little secret hiding in your laundry machine. I’ll be that you never had any idea that you could have toxic mold in your laundry…did you?

Actually, it’s the perfect breeding ground for toxic mold & bacteria. Have you ever washed your clothes and they still seem to have a smell?

Sometimes out towels smell like a dirty gym back after using them once!

Your washing machine is a dark & moist breeding ground for harmful mold and bacteria!


You’ll be shocked when you read this:

During the period from April 2012 to May 2013, 13 newborns (1 to 4 weeks of age) in Germany were COLONIZED WITH A DEADLY BACTERIA.

When the washing machine was removed, the bacteria went away. The case study concluded that the final rinse could have been the culprit. That which doesn’t use detergent may have allowed the bacteria to thrive.

The humidity of the hospital rooms, allowing residual water to condense was loaded with toxins too. The rubber seal of the door covered with mold probably didn’t help either.

Here are some of the common effects of mold exposure

Headaches or Brain Fog

Stubborn weight gain

Endocrine disruption

Hormone Imbalance


Runny or stuffy nose

Cough and postnasal drip

Itchy eyes, nose and throat

Watery eyes

Dry, scaly skin

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With Gratitude, Dawn

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