Unlock Fat Burning Potential

Posted: August 20, 2016

Do you know that you can unlock your fat burning potential? You can also put your fat burning potential on a complete hold. This is where you look and feel miserable. You hold on to weight. You have a bloated belly and all of your pants fit tightly. If you are ready to unlock your fat burning potential, there are several ways to do that


Limit or eliminate sugar. Sugar raises insulin levels and promotes fat storage.

Get 7 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep every night. Even an hour less than 7 has been shown to raise hunger hormone levels leaving you more prone to binging, weight gain and eating mindlessly.

Put on some muscle by lifting weights, and/or doing bodyweight exercises using your biggest muscles.. Follow a progressive workout plan. You don’t have to work out longer, just smarter. Even 7 minutes has been shown to be enough to stimulate muscle growth.

Supplement with L- Carnitine. CLICK HERE To Read this article by Rudy Mawer MSc, CISSN on why and how L-Carnitine could be helpful if you want to unlock your fat burning potential!

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Coach Dawn


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