Veggie Wash that Removes Toxins

Posted: July 13, 2021

The season of produce and colorful fruit is upon us! And, who doesn’t love a salad with berries, a bowl full of cherries? What about some raw broccoli in ranch dressing? It all sounds great until you think of how many hands have touched that produce before it hits your tastebuds! I want to introduce you to a veggie wash that removes toxins.

One that rids all pesticides, chemicals, and germs, and will keep you healthy and safe with this non-toxic simple step.

I know most people buy organic, or simple rinse. But, think about this.

From the stock boy with the dirty hands to the bag packer… and it goes way back before then. To the sprayed farm and the chemicals in the soil. 

Basically, a quick rinse is never enough to wash away all the grossness that is stuck to those yummy “healthy” foods! So, click here for the easiest way to be sure that your beautiful berries, and the apple or cukes that you just cut up…are not covered in yuk!  

It’s time to eat healthy colorful foods from the Rainbow and it is the season to do it….just don’t let those foods be what makes you ill down the road ;).

This veggie wash that removes toxins is all you need…and there is a surprise when you click on this link above. It is the ONLY refillable vegetable and produce, wash that is refillable!

This removes more than 99% of the toxins than water alone. Now, go ahead and eat your fruits and veggies for the slimmest and healthiest you. But, don’t eat the germs that they are covered in…that’s just gross;)

After you’ve rid your fruits of these nasty things, go ahead and make a fruit-filled pineapple, or a delicious salad of colorful greens, and be the hit of your next party!!  

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Coach Dawn

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