Weight Gain Causing Foods

Posted: August 23, 2016

Do you know that besides foods that help you lose weight, there are weight gain causing foods that might be in your kitchen? Yes, certain foods cause a reaction in the body that triggers weight gain and should be avoided. These foods can actually make you look like you are gaining weight, swelling up, bloating and feeling horrible. Furthermore, over time, they make your insides work against you, holding onto excess pounds and flab that makes you look and feel horrible!
Avoid these foods for weight loss and watch the pounds melt off…let me explain…


Have you ever been stung by a bee? Know anyone who has?


Did you know that the foods you’re eating… even if they’re healthy foods… can make your body believe it’s been stung by a bee?


Causing you to swell up.


And “Looking” as though you’re gaining weight. Keeping you stuck, and making you FEEL as if you will never lose weight, or have a flat belly. It’s crazy how our bodies work. It isn’t just calories in, calories burned…even though we used to think so. It isn’t what you think even if you are pretty “weight loss savvy”.


But it’s not WHAT you’re eating.


It’s WHEN you’re eating it.


Inside the brand new documentary below you can find out how to REVERSE this inflammatory effect to create enjoyable, consistent fat loss with a new concept of eating, unlike anything you have ever read about or tried before:



Have an awesome weekend!


Your friend and coach,


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