Weight Gain with Hypothyroidism

Posted: October 2, 2016

Weight gain is one of the most common problems along with exhaustion, depression and constipation when you suffer from low thyroid hormones. Overcoming weight gain with hypothyroidism is a chronic issue that women try to “fix” by exercising too much, and eating to little!

That was me was when I was 29! I LIVED in the gym doing aerobics classes back to back, and cardio for 2 hours a day!

If you are spinning, cycling. running, or doing extreme exercise for hours weekly you might be actually “strangling’ your thyroid and preventing it from doing it’s job.

Yes. Your thyroid could actually being put on HOLD, as you are trying to lose weight.

Dr. Jade Teta has spent years sharing ways for women to lose weight that have thyroid issues. He has helped literally millions of women shed ugly pounds and gain back energy, a healthier belly (inside and out) while overcoming exhaustion.

Remember horsing around as youngster…

… chasing other kids, everyone running about the same speed?

Then, one day, some of those kids started getting faster…

… and nobody could catch them anymore?

Their secret?

A special type of “superhero” muscle inside their bodies came alive.

It wasn’t just supreme athletic ability they enjoyed…

These fortunate few also went on to develop sculpted physiques:

…toned muscles, little body fat, nice angles and curves… even 6-pack abs!


It’s not just those genetically-gifted that have this “superhero” muscle…

… it’s found inside ALL of us!

And now scientists have discovered how we can activate it…

… so even we adults can enjoy its body-sculpting, metabolism-enhancing benefits.

Athletes activate this “superhero” muscle with special techniques:

high-power sprinting and explosive weight training.

However, thanks to special new type of “joint-friendly” movement…

…now everyone can enjoy this.

Busy executives, on-the-go moms and dads and empty-nesters…

… even ex-athletes and weekend warriors will love this.

You can make it as hard or easy as you want…

… it meets you where your body is at, right now.

Here’s the secret behind how it works:

– Your body has two types of muscle fibers…

– Type 1 are used with low-power daily activities like walking…

– Type 2 are for explosive moves like sprinting or jumping…

It’s those type 2 that are known for their “superhero” qualities…

Because when activated, they release a potent body-sculpting molecule:

IL-6… it’s nicknamed the “Arnold molecule”, after Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilder.

Bodybuilders are known for having extremely lean, sculpted physiques.

Yet they do almost no cardio… just weight training.

Scientists have been wondering:

“How is this possible?”

They’ve discovered it’s linked to IL-15’s unique body-sculpting ability.

It can force fat cells to shrink

… AND muscles to sculpt, tone and tighten.

That’s notoriously difficult for the human body to do.

It likes to do only one or the other, not both at the same time…

… yet that’s exactly what IL-15 does when activated by type 2 muscle fibers.

Here’s what’s even more exciting:

We thought IL-15’s body-sculpting benefits could only be unleashed with:

– heavy weight training…

– high power sprinting…

– explosive plyometric (jumping) moves…

That’s why you see Crossfitters, power-lifters and regular weekend warriors hammering away.

That’s ALSO why all-of-the-above are considered an orthopedic surgeon’s best friend:

All that pounding takes a toll

… and can damage joints, ligaments, shoulders, backs and knees.

However, we now know IL-15 can be unleashed with special “joint-friendly” moves.

These short moves take less than a minute…

… yet activate those potent “superhero” body-sculpting muscle fibers.

In fact, studies show something remarkable:

You can double the IL-15 in your body for up to 24 hours with these moves.

That’s a full-day of stomach-flattening, muscle-sculpting power…

… working automatically for you.

However, these moves have to be done in a very specific order…

… sequenced to achieve the right metabolic effect.

Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time…

… or potentially damaging your joints.

I have learned how to overcome my weight gain with hypothyroidism, and I am SUPER excited to share it with you!

Here’s how to do it:

–> Shrink fat cells and sculpt your body by activating your “superhero” muscle…

Your Coach and friend in life and fitness (with a thyroid issue that define my energy levels OR my body!)


PS – A recent study from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine showed your skin may also benefit from enhanced IL-15. Those with elevated IL-15 had skin like someone in their 20s to 30s… and the study volunteers were all at least 65 year’s old! Do this 45-second exercise to boost IL-15

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