Weight Loss During Lockdown

Posted: April 13, 2020

One thing I keep hearing as a health professional is that people are worried about gaining weight. They are stressed about the virus AND stressed even more about putting on extra pounds. Especially after reading that obese patients are at a higher risk. Now is the time for weight loss during lockdown!

A friend told me, “I’m totally going to gain the COVID 19!” She said “it may be a poor taste joke, but I’m stressed and eating bad!”

She was worried that she was going to gain 19 pounds while being cooped up at home. Many people are well on their way to gaining more!

This is similar to the “Freshman 15,” where people go to college and start gaining weight in the dorms.

To be honest, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. AS LONG AS you take the proper precautions… weight loss during lockdown is possible.

Here are the tips that will get your body and mind in the place so you can feel and look amazing!

1. Guard Your Mind

A lot of how we gain and lose weight comes from our subconscious mind. Click here and check out this 15 Minute Trick.

In fact, if your mind has unhealthy messages about food and bodyweight, you’ll be more apt to gain weight. You see, buried in your subconscious your body may be CONSPIRING to get you fatter while you’re at home.


Like a, “Great, now we have an excuse to put on fat… like I secretly always wanted!” It may sound crazy but it’s true! That’s exactly how our inner voices make what we think become a reality!

This is an insidious phenomenon, but it haunts so many people. Guess what? YOUR thoughts DO control your body, so below are tools to help.

Clearing your mind, like Cara explains in her website, is exactly what you need to do. This has to happen first in order to make sure you don’t gain weight. Then, when those thoughts are cleared as in Cara’s program, your body believes it can shed weight fast. Next, it miraculously does!

2. Take the Healthiest Habits You Can

There is always something we can do to lose weight faster, even if we’re stuck at home.

Once again, it all starts with mindset.

Cara explains this in her presentation, [15-Minute Weight Loss]. When you get in a good routine, fat just seems to drop off your body naturally.

For example, if you listen to these special weight-loss recordings you’ll re-train how you think. Next, a powerful pattern of fat-burning can emerge from that alone.

Plus, when you get in the habit of doing something nice for your body every day, your subconscious starts believing it. Your body reacts with “Hmmm… maybe we DO want to lose weight.”

So I suggest you click here for > a 15-Minute Weight Loss Gift. Your mind will take your body where it really desires!

You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make.


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